Stock market trading involves many different types of risk. Some of these risks are inherent in the market itself, while others are specific to individual stocks or investment strategies. Therefore, it is very important to understand all the different types of risks before making any investment decisions.

Stock market turbulence

Stock drop

Low yield return

Think about which brand to choose

Many day traders love penny stocks because they can move 20%, 50% or more during the day!
“But the penny stock market is full of scams”

plummeting stock market

high risk company

Many scammers

All profits lost

“The penny stock market is fraught with risk as penny stocks offer high yield returns. Penny stocks have attracted the attention of many investors and traders and many more scammers. The pitfalls of penny stocks abound because many companies have unproven business models, are illiquid, are vulnerable to scammers, and are highly volatile. So most penny stocks end up worthless. It’s hard to find consistently profitable penny stock investing strategies.

“Why buy penny stocks”?

1、Low barriers to entry: Penny stocks usually have low share prices, which makes it possible for some small investors to buy shares. Penny stocks require less capital to buy than high-priced stocks, which can be a good entry point for novice investors who are just getting started.

2、High Liquidity: Due to the low price of penny stocks, their trading volume is relatively high, so the trading is more active and the liquidity is better. For short-term investors or investors who need to buy and sell quickly, this can provide better trading opportunities.

3、High ROI: Some penny stocks may be undervalued in the market, but these companies may have potential for growth. Therefore, buying these stocks may provide investors with a high return on investment
Professor Saurabh Mukherjea was born in 1976. He graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom with a master’s degree in economics. He studied abroad at New York University in the United States. After graduating, he worked at Goldman Sachs Group in the United States as a senior securities analyst and was promoted to director of the investment and mergers and acquisitions group. He once led The team successfully acquired 3 companies and successfully listed them, with the stock price rising to 200%-300% in the month of listing.

Currently serving as CEO of Marcellus Investment Managers, Author, founder and CEO of Ant Retail Alliance Club, was named the number one investor from 2012 to 2023, and is also the founding director of the Indian Portfolio Managers Association He has more than 20 years of rich experience in securities and stock investment. He is good at investing in the Indian stock market and the U.S. stock market. He is good at analyzing macro-political economy, short-term trend trading and swing operations. He can very accurately foresee the rising and falling trends of the index and accurately seize the buying and selling opportunities. He is proficient in With excellent mentality and concepts, individual stock analysis has created a set of its own “leading strategy” trading model after more than 20 years of practical experience in stock trading, leading investors to achieve fruitful results in the capital market again and again. Investment motto – Grasping the trend is mastering wealth.

“What should you do to avoid risks to a greater extent? ? ? We will help you with the following”

We use three specific parameters to find the penny stocks that are most likely to make big gains.
Parameter 1: Breaking News – First, look for stocks that gapped on some kind of news catalyst (like FDA approval or earnings) and stay away from any stocks that are bought out as they usually don’t deviate from the purchase price.
Parameter 2: Technical Indicators – It’s essential to look at technical indicators such as moving averages, volume, and RSI. For instance, a stock that has a strong volume and is trading above its 20-day moving average might indicate a bullish trend. Conversely, an overbought RSI could suggest a potential sell-off in the near future.
Parameter 3: Market Trends – Always take into account the broader market trends. If the overall market is bullish, buying into the rising stocks may provide good returns. On the contrary, during bearish markets, it might be wise to short sell or stay on the sidelines.
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We've given you a sample of penny stock alerts and possible trades below, based on community expert advice and a penny stock screener.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the penny stock screener with multi-strategy window shows his excellent chart technical analysis ability and stock market forecasting ability, and he will issue alerts in time to help you plan ahead in the stock market!
The 1-hour chart above shows a pullback over the next few days, never trading below the alert day low. Therefore, it is safe to buy on dips around the $2.26 area.
The 1-hour chart above shows a pullback over the next few days, never trading below the alert day low. Therefore, it is safe to buy on dips around the $2.26 area.

Now you know how to find good penny stocks. You’ve seen some good penny stock investing strategies. You have many more options to try.

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